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What is Cartouche Jewelry

The cartouche was originally an exclusive piece of jewelry worn only by the Pharaoh; it bore the ancient ruler’s sacred name upon it and was worn as a symbol of good luck and protection from evil.  Now, you can have a personalized cartouche of your own, or present one as a gift to a spouse or significant other!

Egyptian Jewelry Gold Cartouche

Convey a message of love or deep friendship with this bespoke piece of ornamentation! Jewelry from Egypt has been sought after worldwide for thousands of years, and to this day it makes for a wonderful gift for a friend, family member, or partner. This personalized gold cartouche will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection.

Our Egyptian jewelry brand offers top-quality, authentic Egyptian jewelry made available online, and has a reputation for supplying only the best locally hand-crafted Egyptian adornment made from the purest precious metals.

Our Egyptian gold cartouche is famed for being meticulously handcrafted by actual native Egyptian artisans using durable 18K gold and time-honoured techniques. The level of detail and authenticity in this cartouche is unparalleled; you will see that this much sought-after Egyptian jewelry is certainly worthy of kings and queens!

Egyptian Jewelry Cartouche

As beautiful as it has been for millennia, this cartouche necklace is customized by inscribing your name in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols

Egyptian Jewelry Gifts

  • Cartouche personalization allows up to five characters (or 6 or 7 characters if the name contains characters like "OU" or "TH", which are translated to one symbol in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs); names exceeding five characters will incur an additional charge, as the longer cartouche requires more gold to craft.

  • Please enter and verify the spelling of your personalization in the appropriate field before submitting your order.
  • Crafting of All CArtouche orders to be completed within 48 hours of purchase.
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Alphabet
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs were the official writing system used in ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphs combine logos, syllables and alphabet elements, with a total of approximately 1000 different characters. Hieroglyphs are used in religious literature on papyrus and wood.

  • Pictograms are images of words that represent images and sounds of the ancient Egyptian language.
  • creative drawings are images that represent the objects they represent. For example, an image of the mouth may represent the word “mouth”.

  • Phonograms are images representing the sounds of the ancient Egyptian language, just as our alphabet represents the sounds of our language. For example, an image of a mouth can also represent an 'r' sound.

Customize your authentic handmade
 gold cartouche 
only $394+free shipping

meet our happy customers

Marie fuller

I like it. It was a gift for my 10-year-old daughter who admired my cartouche that my girlfriend had given me while I was in Egypt.

We are all surprised (wear) we are at Christmas. A great success. This is what you can have for many years.

Mark geller

This was a gold jewelry gift for my fiance's birthday and he absolutely loved it.

Egyptian cartouche online store staff understood the importance of my request and helped me honour the symbology behind this unique gift.

Susana chavez

I bought this cartouche as a birthday gift to myself. Delivered much faster than stated. I put it on my necklace the day I received it and it has stayed there since. Wear it all the time, sleep shower and shop with it always near and dear to my heart! I love it!!! Best gift ever!!!!


the details of “your Gold Cartouche”
100% 18 K gold

Handmade detail finish

Smooth creative design

Stunning craftsmanship

We want to create jewelry art that brings joy to our customers and show them that everyone can really shine with gold.

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